RASA NLU UI configuration and installation

RASA NLU UI/GUI Application

It is used to, you can add/update training data text, intents and entities and then you can upload .JSON file for training model.(Model training, please refer my previous blog rasa nlu tool)

Rasa nlu UI application is the open source project which is available on git hub, and it is written ReactJs and express, you can download, build and run it, Please follow bellow steps:

Open command prompt and go to C:\> path:

cd /
git clone https://github.com/RasaHQ/rasa-nlu-trainer.git

Once installation is done, go to ‘rasa-nlu-trainer’ directory:

cd rasa-nlu-trainer

Now, download all the dependent packages as per “package.json” :

npm install

Compile code and create optimized production build:

npm run build

Once build successfully done, Come back to the “C:\rasa-nlu-trainer\” path again by pressing Ctrl + C and then y:

Now, create folder “rasa-nlu-trainer” inside build folder and copy all the files except index.html from “build” to newly created “rasa-nlu-trainer” folder like below:


Run application, will going to pass application port and path of the training model file:

node server.js --port=8080 --source="C:\rasa-nlu-model.json"
–port: Provide port on which application will be running or if not provided then it will take any arbitrary.
–source: Path on which training model JSON file is available, if not provided then it will find recursively in src folder.

Rasa nlu ui will be displayed as bellow:

rasa nlu ui

Once, data model get trained, you can copy updated file and deploy it in rasa nlu server. How to install rasa nul server refer my : http://www.toptechpoint.com/mlai/rasa-nlu-installation-configuration

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